Jupiter 02/24 GRS,RSZ and NTB Outbreak by John H.Rogers

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Jupiter 02/24 GRS,RSZ and NTB Outbreak by John H.Rogers

Jupiter 02/24 GRS,RSZ and NTB Outbreak by John H.Rogers
Hi Chris,
Thanks for that fine set of images.  The outbreak in the NTB is indeed 
developing rapidly into a new mini-rifted region (and a very dark NNTBs 
jetstream spot is passing it).  I'm  not surprised that it is 
methane-dark at this stage, when it no longer has a very bright 
convective plume.  It was also methane-dark on Feb.22 in A. Yamazaki's 
image from ALPO-Japan.  It's a pity no-one was able to capture a methane 
image on Feb.18-20 when it was really bright.
Attached is a compilation of images of this side over the past 2 weeks.  
many observers have produced great views.  There are lots of interesting 
features, as you have pointed out! I have labelled some of them.
By the way, Damian mentioned the 'Sky at Night' programme which featured 
Jupiter a few weeks ago: I had hoped to show more images by various 
contributors to this group (Chris Go, Don Parker, Paul Maxson, Simon 
Kidd), showing the post-merger reddening of white spot Z (2013-14) and 
of oval BA (2005-06), as the producers were interested in this topic; 
all this was filmed but that part of the interview was cut.  The same 
happened with other interviewees, as the team had overestimated the 
amount they could cram into the programme!-- but I think it came out 
well overall.
メタンダークであることに驚かない。ALPO-JapanのA. Yamazakiの画像で2月22日にも
ところで、Damian Peachは数週間前の木星を特集した'Sky at Night'プログラムに
このグループへの多くの提供者(Chris Go, Don Parker, Paul Maxson, Simon Kidd)

John H. Rogers,Ph.D.
Jupiter Section Director,
[British Astronomical Association.]

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