Our policies & Procedures of participation

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We are ALPO-Japan

Our policies & Procedures of participation

So as to participate, often read it about the following, and give a reply. We are doing activity whereby opening the pictures which the amateur to the public in our web page. And, it is used for analysis to study those pictures, freely. If you cannot consent to that to you, please tell it to. We want the Planets observation images. ^^^^^^^^^^^ About the Copy Right mark of your image Your image is never used for the profit-pursuing purpose even if this sign exists or it doesn't exist. However, Many and unspecified people occasionally use the observation image of you reported to us for the analysis, the comparison, and the research. "ALPO-Japan" is accepted as an activity of the amateur. Such a mark hopes not to apply it if it is possible. It must need The date & time is clear(UT) & The observers name is clear. We do not value it about quality of a picture, Because efficiency of a telescope of each observer's are not the same . If possible, We want you to turn the planetary South Pole up. Staffs Representatives Makoto Adachi Jupiter Section Leader Yuichi-Iga & Kuniaki-Horikawa Jupiter Section Leader Makoto-Adachi Web page Supervisor men Yuichi-Iga Web page Staff Jupoter section : S.Suzuki and S.Yoneyama ---Procedure by which you participate in this activity--- We need your information.(first time , use text) The commonness information, with you for carrying it, Abbreviated name: example:H.Toyotomi full name : example:Hideyoshi.Toyotomi city name and country names: example:Nijyou Kyoto-City Kyoto Japan The contact living addresses to when is special you of training it: (It is closed) (Every time to send observation images) If possible, We want you to turn the planetary South Pole up. A kind of the file is jpg. DATA text with observation images Use YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss(UT) The physical data C.M. Dia" P etc. Telescope kinds and Diameters Camera kinds and names Observation conditions Seeing 10/10 (Transparence)Trans 10/10 Comments(use English) and FULL name Mail transmission methods Object names Planet name & U.T. date EXSAMPLE Jupiter images 2016/05/30 2016-05-30 Jupiter images 2016-May-30 Jupiter images EXAMPLE subjectname:Jupiter images 2016/05/30 Mail-text Observer FULL name 2016/05/30 02:23:45(UT) CM=337.83 Ls=251.41 234mm Newtonian : DMK 21AU618 Seeing 6/10 Trans 8/10 Coments(English) or non ....... Observer full name ------------------ j160530abcpqr.jpg (kind is jpg and name is free ) Please send the picture file or the file direct link address. But,I do not accept a picture files by the homepade link address. e-mail address for posting. Best regards, ALPO-Japan
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